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Christmas Tree Aromatherapy Candle - Festive Ambiance

Christmas Tree Aromatherapy Candle - Festive Ambiance

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Our Christmas Tree Scented Candle is designed to be the centerpiece of your holiday decor. Shaped like a traditional Christmas tree, this candle features the festive colors and is adorned with a delicate apple, rose, amber fragrance. It not only fills the room with a warm and welcoming scent but also adds to the visual joy of the season. This unique candle is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere during holiday gatherings or as a charming gift that captures the essence of Christmas cheer.

  • Material: Wax
  • Size: 3.9×4.7 inch
  • Note: Make the candle burn 3h the first time. Do not use for over 4 hours. Cut the wick to 0.2-0.31 inch before lighting the candle. Keep the burning candle in sight and away from combustibles, pets, children, water, and winds. Use a candle snuffer or lid to put it out. Do not blow it out with your mouth.
  • Package list: 1 Candle, 1 tray
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