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Halloween One-Press Hand Pie Maker

Halloween One-Press Hand Pie Maker

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Delight yourself with the iconic holiday dessert without the need to run through the store and try this professional one-press hand pie maker🎃🎃

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This hand-pie maker comes in an easy-press operation with 3 style selections, including apple, pumpkin, and acorn shape. It enables you to effortlessly create your favorite sweetened or savory filling pocket pies in just a quick press. Furthermore, the hand pie maker can provide an added unique touch of festiveness that would surely make your pastries look more tasteful. Simply open the presser, press the bottom on the dough to shape and cut, place the cutted piece on the presser, put your favorite fillings, then close the presser to seal, and done. Suitable for various baked treats like pocket pies, crusts, cheese, biscuits, fudge, sandwiches, and more! 

The one-press pocket pie maker is ideally light and it features a non-slip, ergonomic design to deliver the best gripping and control. All presser styles have 2 double crimp hinges that let you seal the molded pie tight and neat on all sides to prevent unwanted stuffing spilling. Moreover,  the hand pie maker’s bottom can smoothly cut in 1 press anytime without harming your skin or fingers. Making it the perfect helper for creating mouthwatering treats on christmas, new years, thanksgiving, holidays, festivities, parties, picnics, weddings, birthdays, snacks, and such. Made with premium, food-grade material that boasts to last for years without damaging or leaching.    

Take the hassle out in creating your homemade handy sweet treat pies with this  professional one-press hand pie maker! 


  • Effortless Halloween Pie Press🎃
    A high-performance hand pie press maker available in 3 different style selections, including apple shape, pumpkin shape, and acorn shape. Allowing you to create your own homemade delicious, sweetened or savory filling pocket pies in no time with great ease. Moreover, its adorable molding designs can definitely add a touch of festiveness and whimsy into your precious pies. Making your baked masterpieces look more pleasantly appetizing that would surely make everyone’s mouth water.

  • Ergonomic Design🎃
    Highly lightweight and it offers a non-slip surface to deliver maximum comfort and secured gripping. Each style has a well-made bottom that is sharp enough to smoothly slice and shape the pattern on the dough without harming the fingers. Providing you fine-detailed molding with cutted pattern hole on the top crust to freely escape steam during baking in just a single press. What’s more? It also provides unique double crimp hinges that enables you to tightly and neatly seal the pie dough on all sides to prevent the stuffings from spilling out. 
  • Easy 1-Press Molding🎃
    Create that delightful, fun-shaped baked goods without the complicated steps and tools required anymore. Simply open the presser, gently press the bottom on the rolled-out dough, then put the 2 cutted pieces on each side of the presser. After that, just freely put your favorite fillings on one side, then close the presser to seal and secure the stuffings, and you can now bake it! The perfect baking helper for beginners, professionals, pastry chefs, DIYers, mothers and other baking enthusiasts.

  • Widely-Used Presser🎃
    Can mold different delectable pastries aside from pies. Suitable for shaping crusts, cheese, biscuits, fudge, hand pies, chocolates, sandwich, and more possibilities. An ideal tool for making your baked food exceptionally interesting and ready to set out for guests. Great for christmas, new years, thanksgiving, holidays, festivities, parties, picnics, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and even for your daily sweet treats or tea time snacks.

  • Premium Quality🎃
    Made of high-quality, food-grade ABS plastic material with an amazing durability and rust-resistance. All hand pie press styles are completely non-toxic and BPA-free so they can directly touch any food with not a single unwanted harmful leaching. Furthermore, each one-press pie maker can last for multiple years of daily usage without damaging or wearing-off. It can be easily cleaned through hand wash or dish wash to avoid bacterial and strong odor growth.


  • Material: Food-grade ABS plastic
  • Style: Pumpkin / Apple / Acorn
  • Size as below:


  • 1 x Halloween One-Press Hand Pie Maker

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