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Hummingbird Feeding on a Flower, Handmade Sculpture

Hummingbird Feeding on a Flower, Handmade Sculpture

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Parasite wood refers to a plant that grows in the host plant called Chinaberry. The roots of parasite wood are rose-like shaped, making them look impressively unique. However, parasite woods are rarely taken into account by many people and are merely used as firewood. But I choose to process them in the right way and these parasite woods eventually turn into fine statues.

Besides parasite wood, jempinis wood is also utilized as a combination.

鏈ㄥ埗铚傞笩鎯呬荆闆曞鎵嬪伐闆曞儚褰㈣薄 8

The statues are hand-made by skilled Balinese artisans, so it does not resemble 100%. They are very suitable for display at home or for souvenirs.

鏈ㄥ埗铚傞笩鎯呬荆闆曞鎵嬪伐闆曞儚褰㈣薄 9


Material : Resin
Color : Clear
Dimension : 5" x 6.5" x 3"


鈥eep sculpture in a low humidity environment.
鈥tains can be removed carefully with a soft cloth and a little bit of water.

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